• When we moved to Sonoma from the city a few years ago, we toured many schools to find the right fit for our 2.5 year old son. After shadowing the Primary class at Crescent, we knew immediately that the program was above and beyond anything else we had seen. The classroom and materials were impeccably organized and thoughtful, and the children were fully focused on their activities or supporting their classmates quietly to complete their work. Crescent Montessori is one of the main reasons we have decided to keep our family in Sonoma, as we believe that the education he is receiving here is foundational for the rest of his life. Kinh O'Brien, Crescent Parent
  • My son attended Crescent Montessori for third and fifth grade in the Senior Elementary, and then was in the school’s inaugural Middle School class, attending for all three years. When he began high school last year, he was fully prepared academically, and excelled in all of his classes. As a sophomore he is flourishing in AP Biology, Honors English, Spanish, and Algebra II. He is on the track and cross-country teams too, a practice that got its start when he participated in Crescent’s Running Club. The mixed- age classrooms at Crescent were beneficial, as he got to be a helper to younger children, and learn from and help teach his peers. Beyond the excellent academic preparation he got at Crescent, he has a robust appetite for learning, and an open-minded, enthusiastic approach to his studies. Crescent’s small class size, personal attention and guidance, and focus on self-directed exploration—as opposed to grades, rankings, and test scores—all facilitated his curiosity, confidence, and love of learning. Sarah Ford-Monroe, Crescent Alumni Parent
  • After touring many preschools in Sonoma, Crescent Montessori was by far the one school that stood out from all the rest. Our daughter is finishing her third year at Crescent and we are happy to say that she is always excited to go to school. Crescent has created a thoughtful classroom which has allowed the students to eagerly learn and to develop their sense of independence. Without any doubt, the last three years have been amazing for our family. Brenda Subia, Crescent Parent
  • I am an extremely pleased parent of two children at Crescent, one who has graduated and transitioned seamlessly into his next educational setting and is thriving, and one who is still attending and loves going to school everyday. As parents, we were looking for a quality preschool education that would nurture our children's inherent curiosity through play and exploration, but that would also support them to be independent and grow their confidence through practical life activities. We found all of this and more in Crescent. The teachers are dedicated to the traditional Montessori approach, and their consistency, attention to detail, and deep understanding of the child and child development, is unparalleled. They see the child as whole and capable from the first day they enter the classroom, and they make it a point to preserve and nurture this. We also see the benefits of what our children are practicing in school come home, in the form of taking on new challenges with a “can do” attitude and asserting their independence with daily activities around the house. Lastly, one of my most favorite aspects of Crescent Montessori, is the way they weave the lessons of grace and courtesy (for both others and the physical environment) into daily school life. Crescent has been one of, if not the most supportive environment for us as parents, and what we've learned alongside our boys is invaluable.  I will forever be grateful for this treasure of a school. Lisa Shapiro, Crescent Parent

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Sample Daily Schedule and Quality Screen Time Options for Young Children

Dear Crescent Montessori Families, I understand that our families are facing challenges of juggling new circumstances and added responsibilities during the pandemic. With most of us working remotely from home, it can be extremely helpful for both working parents and children to have a structured daily schedule or routine in place. Here is a sample […]

Crescent News: Pandemic Edition- Bring Montessori Into Your Home

Dear Crescent Montessori Families, Many of you may be wondering what you can do in order to provide your child with an enriching experience during this stressful time. While it may be unsettling to enter this uncharted territory, we are also faced with the perfect opportunity to look for practical and realistic ways to implement […]

Crescent News: Music at Crescent

Hello Crescent Montessori Families, As previously announced in the New Year Edition of our newsletter, our founder, Karin Niehoff (aka Mrs. K to the children) has returned to Crescent as our music teacher. This past week, we welcomed Mrs. K in the classroom for her first session of the school year with the children. Music […]

Crescent News: Pesciolino Has Passed Away

Hello Crescent Montessori Families, Upon arriving at school on Wednesday morning, I discovered Pesciolino, our classroom pet fish, lying still at the bottom of the fish bowl. Pesciolino was gifted to the classroom by the Shapiro family to celebrate Wesley’s (Hank’s older brother) birthday back when Wesley attended Crescent. Over the years, Pesciolino has been […]

Crescent News: New Year Edition

Dear Crescent Montessori Families, Happy New Year! I trust that you enjoyed precious time with your families and friends during the Holiday season. Before we all rush back to our lovely school, I wanted to share some important information and upcoming dates with you. Looking Ahead to the New Year    We are expecting a […]

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